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Patagonia 30% Off Sale, through January 19

I wish I had caught wind of this sale earlier. There are some nice deals to be had and I always like to support a company that gives back. The sale is both online and at participating stores, but only through January 19.

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How Moving to the Adirondacks Improved My Social Life

I am a classic introvert. But I’m not shy (a common misconception about introverts); my social skills aren’t lacking (at least I don’t think they’re lacking); and I DO enjoy a good party.

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Steve House Presentation, Keene Valley, NY

The first full day of the 2010 Adirondack Mountainfest culminated with a presentation by elite mountaineer Steve House to a packed auditorium at Keene Central School.

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Boathouses, an Adirondack Drama

Well, it didn’t take long for us to get a taste of Adirondack political drama.

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Signed Book

Erik Weihenmayer Presentation, Keene Valley, NY

The 14th annual Adirondack International Mountainfest kicked off tonight in Keene Valley, NY, and Jess and I had the pleasure of attending the opening presentation by Erik Weihenmayer.

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Lights Out

In our old neighborhood the power seemed to go out once or twice a week, usually right in the middle of the work day and for no apparent reason. They were usually quick little outages – a couple of minutes tops.

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