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The Adirondack Lifestyle

Moving to the Adirondacks was a lifestyle decision for us. We certainly didn’t move here for the job opportunities or the abundance of ethnic restaurants. (Oh, Pho, how I miss you already.)

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National Geographic Adventure, Calling it Quits

After a decade, and with what appeared to be a healthy subscription base, National Geographic Adventure is ceasing regular publication.

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Garmin Releases New Handheld GPS Devices, the Oregon 450 and 450t

Geocaching nerds and backcountry navigators rejoice! Garmin has announced the release of their next generation handheld gps device geared toward ‘Outdoor Recreation.’

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Naked Cyclists Asked to Put On… Helmets

Well, if you are going to ride your bike naked, New Zealand is the place to do it! Two cyclists who were caught riding around in the buff were issued a warning for not wearing… get this… helmets.

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Fluffy, Crunchy, Delicious Snow

I woke up this morning delighted to see that it was snowing outside. It wasn’t wimpy and flurry-like, as we’ve been getting lately, but real honest-to-goodness SNOW.

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Video: Lake Champlain Bridge Demolished

Hard not to find this kind of cool. Here is video of the Lake Champlain Bridge being demolished.

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