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No Kisses for You

Even the dogs have a case of spring fever.

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The Pressure’s On

I feel the need, the need to ski!

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Lookout From Top

We Chickened Out!

You won this time Lookout Below, but we’ll be back soon!

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Adirondack Chair

If it ain’t broke…

Adirondack chairs mean warm afternoons by the lake with friends, and quiet evenings spent alone listening to the loons. They mean summer. And they are not to be messed with!

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The Walking Dead NEW

Wait, People Still Live in the Adirondacks? What Happened to the Zombie Invasion?

Turns out, reports of a Zombie invasion were a little exaggerated.

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Whiteface, Chapped Lips, and My Dermatone Allergy

A trip to the emergency room is not what I had in mind when I applied sunscreen to go skiing.

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