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Patagonia 30% Off Sale, Now Through July 27

One of my favorite sales, but you have to act fast as I find most of the average sizes sell out quick. Oh, and there is free shipping on anything over $75.

30% off select styles at is really hard to beat. Especially since it is so hard to find Patagonia stuff on sale.

I jumped on late last night as soon the notice came in and picked us up some Capilene. It was clear however that others were jumping on board to take advantage of the sale as well, as I watched as several sizes sold out.

Here are some of the highlights that I noticed last night.

Nano Puff Pullover
Nano Puff
Jess owns one and confirms that the buzz about this piece is legitimate.

Along with its weight and packability one of things most often raved about is the Nano’s versatility. It can be used as an outer layer for spring and fall adventures, a camp jacket in the summer, and a mid layer in the winter. Seemingly, the perfect piece of outerwear.

Now on sale for $104.30!

Also available in full zip and hooded versions.

Patagonia Capilene – Performance Base Layer
Everyone needs base layer clothing. And no one ever has enough.

Seriously, unless you have an underwear factory in your basement, chances are you can use a few more pieces of this stuff.

Patagonia Capilene is the Cadillac of performance base layers. Sure it costs a little more than other brands, but is totally worth it and now it is on sale! It comes in 4 “weights”. Capilene 1 through Capilene 4, with 1 being the lightest, and 4 the heaviest. This allows you to pick and choose based on the activities you are buying for. Skier? Winter Hiker? Pick an item from 3 or 4. Is it for someone who mostly enjoys summer activities? Go for 1 or 2.

Regulator Fleece
Patagonia R2 Fleece
Patagonia’s Regulator Fleece is the industry standard. Praised for its breathability and ability to move moisture… as well as its fit and quality.

It comes in 4 “weights”, R1 through R4, with 4 being the heaviest. The only thing preventing some people from owning several versions of this item is the price. So take advantage of the sale!

R2 jackets, an outstanding mid layer for winter and 3 season outer layer, is on sale for $104.30. That is a killer value.

R3 Hi-Loft is going for $125.30

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