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Patagonia Winter Sale

Patagonia Winterfest Sale, Feb 11-16

During a recent conversation about gear, a fellow outdoor enthusiast referred to Patagonia as “PataGucci.” Apparently this is the term the cool kids have been using to poke fun of some of the company’s expensive, fashion forward outdoor wear. I got a chuckle out of the word play, laughed out loud, and then realized how out of the loop I am when the guy looked at me like this was last year’s joke.

Personally, I’ve often felt the cost was justified. The quality of Patagonia’s products are absolutely outstanding, and they put out some of the best items for both Town and Trail (eh, see how I worked that in there?) – rugged and functional outdoor clothing that is usually good enough looking to wear for a night out. Not to mention, the company’s business ethics are really top notch. I find them easy to support for that reason alone.

But, if you feel that Patagonia’s prices are little too “Gucci” for ya, here is your chance to stock up on some of their excellent gear at less than designer costs. The Winterfest Sale chops 30 to 50% off their retail prices and lasts 6 days. Don’t miss it!

Patagonia Winter Sale

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  1. Leanne C
    Leanne C02-03-2010

    I have made reservations for the family to spend President’s day weekend in Freeport, ME for the sole reason of visiting the Patagonia outlet in hopes they will be having the same President’s day sale we happened upon last President’s day. It was 40% the entire outlet regardless of how cheap the shit was to begin with (although it’s never cheap). I had a Patagoniaorgasm (I swear that’s a word). I planned this trip even though the guy at the Patagonia outlet over Christmas told me that this sale wasn’t going to happen again. I didn’t believe him. I know it will happen and I will be there 3 days to experience it.

    • Jessica

      Ha! That’s some serious Patagonia love right there. I can relate. If you happen to get up there and they aren’t having the sale and you are bitterly disappointed… perhaps you could go elsewhere for your shopping, like say, Lake Placid? 😉

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