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Photos From Mountainfest 2011

I know I am a few months late with these, but here are some photos from this year’s Adirondack Mountainfest.

This year, in addition to attending the presentations, we participated in an ice climbing clinic at Otis Mountain (a privately owned area in Elizabethtown, NY)

We started the day practicing some basic techniques low on the ice…

But before long we were tackling the fun stuff! The wall we climbed had both natural and man made ice. Here I am toward the top of a route that consisted mostly of the man made stuff

And here is Jess on her way up a similar route.

Ya know what they say – A couple that climbs together… falls together? Freezes together?

We climbed with a really nice group of people, and everyone seemed to have a blast. Here is one of the climbers from our clinic rocking a pretty tricky section.

And here is a group photo of the gang. Notice how everyone else looks really good in their winter jackets – and I somehow manage to resemble the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

This was our first year actually climbing at Mountainfest, and I have to say it really adds to the experience. The presentations are awesome, and worth attending on their own, but you definitely feel more involved when you participate like this. It is nice to recognize and talk to folks at the various evening gatherings after meeting them that day at the ice. And there are clinics for all levels of climbers, so I highly recommend it if you plan on coming next year.

For information about Mountainfest you can contact The Mountaineer in Keene Valley, or Adirondack Rock and River Guide Service in Keene.

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