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REI Member Dividends Available Now

It is easy to forgot that REI is a member cooperative.

It has been prolific, with stores in 29 states, over 3 million members, and a self branded line of gear that continually earns praise from the outdoor community. Walking into one of their new stores feels like you are walking into a department store dedicated to adventure. It’s awesome. They were even recently named one of the 100 best companies to work for.

So, it is understandable if you occasionally forget their humble origins and confuse them for some mega corporation.

March, however, is one of those times when there should be no confusion. This is when membership dividends come! You see, if you become a member of the REI coop, you typically receive 10% of your purchases back in the form of this dividend. There are other perks, such as the 20% member coupon and other discounts, but the dividend is always the one I look forward to.

However, this was a light year for me. I was a little disappointed to see $1.50 on the screen when I checked my dividend. It was kind of like getting socks for Christmas.

But I know we did most of our purchasing on Jess’ membership card, so hopefully her dividend is a doozy.

To check your dividends, visit the REI member site here:

And if you are not yet a member, and are interested in becoming one, you can do so here:

A lifetime membership is $20. Twenty Dollars! It is truly a “no-brainer” purchase for outdoor enthusiasts. Even if you are not a gear hound, you will almost certainly see that $20 back in savings and discounts in no time at all.

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