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REI Responds to SIGG BPA Issues

The fallout continues for SIGG. Amidst reports that their water bottle liners included the controversial chemical BPA (bisphenol A), some outdoor vendors are pulling the bottles from their inventories. Patagonia has even terminated its relationship with the company.

REI has joined in on the fun. I received an email from REI Public Affairs in response to my questions about the topic, and in it they state that they are also pulling the bottles in question and will be sending them back to SIGG.

REI was never provided direct information from SIGG that their old water bottle liner contained BPA. Despite our repeated requests, we were informed that their liner composition was proprietary, but that the product did not leach BPA into liquids. After the news story posted last month about the new disclosures from SIGG, we instructed our retail and distribution center teams to pull all SIGG styles that contained the bottle liner in question. These products will not be sold, but returned to SIGG with the intent for a recycling solution.

Of course, the fuzzy part of this whole situation is that SIGG’s claims that its liner did not leach BPA could be technically true. However, failure to disclose the full truth about the issue has left some feeling misled.

REI will also be accepting returns or exchanges, as they always do, for anyone who has concerns or is not happy with a SIGG bottle that was purchased from them.

For those that purchased SIGG bottles and wish to return them, we welcome them to do so as part of our 100 percent product guarantee for every product we sell. Our retail teams can look up the purchase history for members using their membership number, so there is no need for a receipt. Additionally, our store team is happy to work with anyone to select a new bottle.


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