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Seasonal Waterfront Property

When we first started thinking about buying a home in the Adirondacks we were adamant that we wanted waterfront property. On a lake, ideally. But a river or stream would do in a pinch. We didn’t care that all we could afford was a shack on a lake in the middle of nowhere. We wanted loons and canoeing and swimming in our backyard.

It didn’t take long for that dream to die. Because after looking at a couple of shacks on lakes in the middle of nowhere we realized that we did care, after all. Having a decent house would be kind of nice. And access to a couple of stores or restaurants probably wouldn’t be a bad thing in the long run.

So we quickly abandoned the waterfront dream. Having it all simply wasn’t in the budget.

Funnily enough, we sold our house next to a lake to buy our new non-waterfront home. Our old lake didn’t have loons and I never did get up the courage to go swimming in it (yuck), but we DID happily canoe on it.

Anyway, imagine my surprise last week when I walked out our front door and heard the sound of rushing water. I quickly scanned our property for any signs of flooding. Finding none, I started walking toward the source of the noise. And, sure enough, not too far up the hill next to our property was a gushing stream, perfectly meandering down the hillside.

It’s not fit for loons… or canoeing… or swimming. And it will disappear in a couple of weeks. But if you close your eyes, it keeps the waterfront dream alive.


  1. Phill

    We also had too many “we want” things to impose on one property. I actually wanted a dump that I could clean up and make beautiful (that’s my thing), we wanted to be near Saranac Lake, and we wanted to pay cash. There was a total of *one* thing that fit the bill. We turned down a property on a deep creek. On the worst cleanup days, I wonder if I made the right decision! LOL Anyhow. So wonderful that you got your water!! Even in a small way. That’s awesome.

    • Jessica

      I WISH we had the skills (and the patience) to take on a project like yours. But we just… don’t. Ha. And I’m glad we accepted that reality early on in the process, else we’d be in over our heads right now. Maybe someday, though!

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