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Mud Tracks

Some More Photos and Videos of Irene’s Aftermath

Information on how you can assist local communities recover from Irene can be found here: How You Can Help

This will be a bit of a media dump, as I want to get back out and try to document the cleanup and recovery process…

Speaking of the recovery, the local businesses that were not affected by the storm are still open – and some of those that were affected are already opening their doors. We had breakfast at the ADK Cafe this morning!!

So if you are nearby, please don’t avoid the area. Come and have a meal at one of the local restaurants… shop at one of the local stores. They need our support right now, let’s give it to them.

Ok, back to the media dump. Here are some photos that I took on Monday but was unable to get them off of my camera at the time. They are mostly the same images I posted before, from slightly different angles.

Above is the back side of the building where the Wake Up Call Cafe is located. Below is the side of that building. It was directly in the path of some of the most intense rushing water.

Below is an image of some damage to the side of Rt. 73.

And here is the driveway leading back to the Dartbrook Lodge. I had to help a woman who got her car stuck trying to get back there… don’t ask me why she thought she could drive her car through this.

Here are some videos I took on Monday. Nothing spectacular, but they offer a slightly different perspective.

This first one is of the damaged Fire Hall.

This one is of the East Branch of the Ausable, taken from the bridge on Rt 73 (the one you cross as you head up toward Lake Placid). This is the day after, and you can see how swollen it still is… but it is NOTHING like it was the night before. When I looked down from my driveway all I saw was water raging over the top of those guard rails.


  1. Sam

    any news on which roads are open and which are closed?

    • Dave

      Hi Sam,

      I am out on the road right now, checking in with friends and getting some photos of the recovery. When I get back I’ll post a list of roads that are closed.

      I can say for sure right now that 9n heading out of Keene toward Jay is closed. As is a part of Rt 73 between Keene Valley and the Northway.

      The Adk Loj road is also closed (from rt 73 down to the lodge

    • Mike Irrera
      Mike Irrera08-31-2011

      Here is the list of roads which are closed:

      • Dave

        Thank you Mike!

  2. Marie

    Although these pictures of the devastation are impressive, what is more sensational is the Spirit of all of us who live here. Within days, this town was operational and everyone needs to know WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Trail openings and can be found on Rte 73 and Rte 9 OPEN!!!!
    Come on over and support the local businesses and witness first hand the new landscape Irene created for us. 22 new slides!

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