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Stranded hiker on Mt. Washington found

Scott Mason, a 17 year old from Halifax MA, found himself stranded near Mt. Washington last Saturday after aborting his hike and running into poor conditions as he descended an alternate trail.

By most accounts this kid was pretty resourceful and used good judgment to survive, taking away the most important lesson of the ordeal.

“I would never hike alone again in snow conditions.”

Expect to see some rabble rousing about the cost of Search and Rescue, and about irresponsible hikers… especially if you follow the reporting on any of the main stream media sites, but this is really just a happy ending to a young adventurer’s mishap.

Here is a video report on the incident from New Hampshire’s Union Leader

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  1. Eric

    No one should be hiking alone – no matter how “experienced” you are. Accidents happen. Ask the guy who had to cut himself free.

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