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Knock Down

Sugar High

I realized as I’m sitting here munching on some overly sweet apple muffins that I baked this morning, that “sugar high” is also an appropriate description for how I’ve been feeling about the glorious, powdery, sugary snow that has been falling for the past three days. It’s awesome. And it makes me want to run around and holler and scream like a little kid high on apple muffins. What, you never got high on apple muffins as a kid?

Anyway, we’ve spent this week diligently playing with our new toys. We are now seasoned golf course skiers, and the pups are excellent wipe-out inducers. My new favorite game is to say to the girls, “Go get daddy!” when he’s skiing ahead of me. If they manage to knock him down, I get a point. He then sics them on me, and if I get knocked over, he gets a point. Then we send them back and forth trying to keep each from getting back up. It’s all very safe and has greatly improved our skills.

Esther usually deals the death blows. Look how proud she is here.

And then Willa hangs back to get her licks in. The pun never stops around here, folks.

Now who wants to come skiing with us?

My friend Joann over at the Adirondack Lifestyle also took me for a spin on the Mount Van Hoevenberg cross country ski trails. Sans pups, of course. What a great spot! 50km of groomed, Olympic-quality ski trails. We’re so lucky to have this right down the road from us; it makes for an excellent lunch break. MVH officially opens on Friday for those interested in checking it out.

Next up is a ski up and down the Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway, or the Toll Road, as locals call it. We’ll be sure to report back on how that goes. Does one year of living here + a ski down the toll road make us official Adirondackers? Not likely, but we’re getting closer.

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  1. Jan

    Good stuff! I hope you’re enjoying the skis.

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