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Northville Placid Speed Record Broken!

Congratulations to Sheryl Wheeler who finished the Northville-Placid trail in 35 hours and 15 minutes, a new record for a supported hike of the trail.

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Labor Day

Labor Day will always be one of those special dates for me. In so many ways, it’s when it all began.

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Fall Leaf

A Hint of Fall

THIS is what summer should be like in the mountains. Warm days, cool nights. Bright, clear skies. A constant reminder that a new season is always just around the corner.

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Northville-Placid Memories

The other day I was reminiscing about our Northville-Placid hikes and I remembered one of the best days we’ve ever had on the trail. It was during our section hike in 2005.

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Chubb River, Adirondack Paddle

The Chubb River has always been a bit of an Adirondack landmark for us. Reaching it signaled that we were close to finishing our Northville Placid thru-hikes. However, we recently had the opportunity to enjoy the river in another way.

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Northville Placid Trail: McCanes Reroute Complete

I received an email from Richard Fenton, Supervising Forrester for the New York State DEC, letting me know that the Northville Placid Trail has been successfully rerouted around the Macaluso property.

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