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Puppy Flotation Device

The Hazards of Slacklining

If pictures of swollen, vein-y, hairy ankles are not really your thing, I suggest backing out of this post ASAP.

Consider yourself warned.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Our first mini-shindig at the house – fire going and beer flowing – and Dave took a tumble off the slackline, twisting his ankle in the process. He may or may not have had a few 46’er Pale Ales by that point. He hobbled around a bit, pretending it wasn’t all that bad. But the first thing out of his mouth after our guests left was, “So, um, I think I broke my ankle.”

Since I’m really sensitive and caring, I said, “Well, there goes our quest for the 46 this summer.” I’m an awesome life partner.

And because I take pictures of everything, here’s a beautiful rendering of Dave’s swollen ankle.

And because I always appreciate too much information, here’s a picture of his non-swollen ankle for comparison.

And because I can’t bring myself to post a picture of a swollen, vein-y, hairy ankle as a thumbnail for this post, here’s a picture of Willa Jean in her new PFD (puppy flotation device).

We’ll see what the x-rays reveal this afternoon.


  1. tourpro

    That’s one cute dog.

    Hope it’s just a sprain. Still early in hiking-season. Paddling would be a good alternative while recovering. Cheers.

  2. Joann

    Nice photos. I hope the pain and swelling is easing and the ankle is not really broken. If it is any consolation, he looked great until he fell.
    Ed says, “Ow, that doesn’t look good.” and “Willa doesn’t need a PFD – save it for Foster!”
    Willa is indeed a cutie, and full of herself as well.

  3. Jessica

    Well, no x-rays today, so poor Dave is still hopping around. Doubt it’s broken, though – he’s not in much pain unless the puppy jumps all over it.

    Guess it’s paddling for us this weekend! Can’t complain about that.

    Thanks for the compliments on Ms. Willa. She’s a handful. And Foster figured out how to open the screen door today and disappeared under the front porch for a little while. He’s obviously still put-out by Ed calling him Wilford Brimley.

  4. Joann

    Paddling sounds like a great break – heh heh – from all the running up and down mountains you guys have been doing lately.

    Sounds like Foster is loosening up and ready to explore. He has embraced his exciting, new Adirondack lifestyle!

  5. Dave

    Now I know why the police ask drunks to try walking in a straight line… because it is damn hard to do after a few beers. Especially when the line is suspended between two trees and is bouncing and swaying 🙂

    I skipped XRays, but I’m just about walking now so we’ll assume the crack I heard came from a twig on the ground.

    Taking the pup paddling in a few!

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