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The Slackline is Up!

How is that for a sign of spring?

While Jess, Willa and Esther hiked Rooster Comb yesterday, Andi and I hung out around the house watching a Yankee game, digging some drainage ditches, and putting up the slackline.

Once it was up and stable I took a few runs on it, just to make sure I hadn’t lost all of last year’s progress… and I am happy to report that was not the case.

I am so psyched to get back out on this thing.

Slacklining goals for this year include:

  • The “Turn” – Last year we got to the point where we could walk the entire length of the line… in one direction. Going back all the way in the other direction might have been possible, but we never found out. Because we couldn’t quite nail turning around. Figuring that out is goal numeral uno for me.
  • Get more friends involved – Now that we actually have a social circle up here, I am looking forward to lazy summer evenings… hanging out in the backyard, by the fire, slacklining with a group of friends. (in between Wii Tennis matches, that is)
  • Slackline over water – I am absolutely dying to set up a slackline over a pool of water. I can’t think of anything more fun than trying to walk that line knowing that if you lose your balance you will take a dip. Finding a safe location might be tricky, but there must be something out there.
  • Don’t get hurt – Last year, just as I was getting really solid on the line, I fell off and twisted my ankle something fierce. Of course, it was my own dumb fault. Avoiding that this year is a goal I think I can accomplish. It primarily entails not trying to show off in front of people after having had several drinks.

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  1. Dave

    Just realized that for the excerpt of this post I typed “slacking goals” instead of “slacklining goals”. Ha!

    No small irony that slacklining has become my go-to method of procrastinating when work begins to build up.

    Twitter not configured.