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Road Trip Update: Saugatuck, MI

Hi everyone! Typing this up from our balcony over looking the Kalamazoo river (Kalamazoo, of Derek Jeter birthplace fame) in Saugatuck, Michigan. The road trip is going great, and we finally found a solid internet connection so I wanted to check in and post an update.

The 18 hour ride was actually fairly pleasant and smooth. We broke day 1 up by stopping in Amsterdam, NY for some lunch with my folks before continuing on to Nichols, NY where we visited with my Aunt Lesley and Brenda. Had a wonderful night and meal – thank you! We love you guys!

Jess and Aunt Lesley

Jess and Aunt Lesley

Day 2 took a little bit longer than we expected, because of hold ups crossing back and forth over the border with Canada – hour long lines both ways. We arrived at the Lake Shore Resort around midnight, and although we didn’t get much of a chance to check things out, a brilliant moon was hanging over the water and we were already impressed by Lake Michigan.

Moon over Lake Michigan

We slept in a bit on Day 3, recovering from the road trip lag, and since a storm was coming in over the Lake we decided to spend the day checking out the Town of Saugatuck. It has a sophisticated beach town feel to it, with a vibrant art community and some fun stores and cafes. We tried to catch a sunset over the lake but the remaining storm clouds were not cooperating, that didn’t stop us from having a good time with a bottle of wine and a fire!

Today, road trip day 4, is also our 1 year wedding anniversary. It has been such a great year! I’m a lucky guy, no doubt about it. Hard to believe it has been 12 months since that amazing day on Lake Placid.

Today found us finally enjoying a little bit of the beach before being beaten back by some left over storm winds.

Lake Michigan Beach, near Saugatuck

In the afternoon we drove up to Grand Haven for lunch before coming back down to Saugatuck to check in to the Bayside Inn Bed and Breakfast. After settling in, we set off in kayaks for a few hours and found some great paddling. One of the highlights was turning a bend in the river and seeing this beautiful swan.

Swan, Kalamazoo River

After kayaking, and resting a little, Jess and I went out for a nice dinner in town. Upon arriving back at the Bed and Breakfast we found a bottle of champagne chilling in our room.

The note reads:

May all your adventures be happy.

Happy Anniversary!

Your friends at Bayside Inn


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