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Video: Lake Champlain Bridge Demolished

Hard not to find this kind of cool. Here is video of the Lake Champlain Bridge being demolished.

Jess and I used this bridge a few times over the summer as we drove back and forth between the Adirondacks and Boston. We found that going up through Vermont and across Champlain was a more scenic route and helped us avoid the awful mess that is the Mass Turnpike. Of course, had we known the bridge was teetering and was soon to be declared too dangerous to drive across, I imagine we would have picked a different route.

The closing of this bridge has had a negative impact on those who relied on it for work and business, and this demolition clears the way to begin construction of a new one. Here is the design concept for a new bridge that was preferred by the public during a recent survey.


Additional videos of the demolition below.

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