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Video: Trailer for ‘Back to the Wild’

The story of Christopher McCandless seems to evoke strong emotions from a lot of people. Both positive and negative.

McCandless was a young man who left home to travel and explore the country, seemingly intent on leaving behind his old life. Along the way, his friendly and charismatic nature touched several lives, but his journey ended in tragedy when he starved to death while adventuring in Alaska.

To some, a cult hero who was living life by his own terms. To others, a reckless and unprepared kid who died needlessly.

The story of these events were first made popular in 1996 when John Krakauer published “Into the Wild”, an investigation into his two year trek and eventual death. The book was later adapted into a movie, directed by Sean Penn and starring Emile Hirsch.

Now, a new project aims to bring us a closer look at Chris McCandless through his photographs and writings. It is called “Back to the Wild” and will produce a book and a film.

“Back to the Wild” tells this story through Chris’ original photographs and writings until his journey came to an end in Alaska. As it turned out, however, it was only the physical aspect of his journey that ended. Although we could not have imagined it during the grief-stricken weeks and months that followed Chris’ death, in the ensuing years his story has reached beyond life and past death to touch millions of readers.

The film will be Narrated by critically acclaimed actor Hal Holbrook, who played Franz in the film adaptation (and who visits the Adirondacks on occasion!)

Here is the trailer:

Funds from these projects help to create the Christopher Johnson McCandless Memorial Foundation dedicated to making a difference by providing a hand-up to needy mothers with small children.

You can find more information on Back to the Wild on their office website:

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