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Lookout From Top

We Chickened Out!

This is our first “full” season of skiing.

Sure, we both skied a little bit when we were younger. A dozen or so times for me, even less for Jess. But for the most part, when we moved here, we were starting from scratch.

I’m talking bunny hill.

So we were pretty darn proud of ourselves when we began comfortably tackling the black diamonds on Whiteface a few weeks back.

You might even say we were getting a little cocky.

That over confidence, combined with some forgiving spring snow conditions, led us to believe we could handle just about anything the mountain could throw at us… except for maybe a steep off trail run.

And thus it was without much hesitation that we decided we would take a shot at “Lookout Below”

Lookout Below is a fairly steep, fairly narrow, and often bumpy run that branches off of the popular Wilmington Trail (one of our favorite Moderate runs).

I won’t lie, I’ve always found it a little intimidating. Especially looking up at it from below.

You get a great view of it from most of the upper lifts, and it doesn’t get much traffic. When I do see people on it, they are almost always carefully picking their way down through the moguls – only rarely have I seen someone really cutting loose on it.

But I wasn’t interested in looking good. I just wanted to get down the damn thing. If that meant going 3mph and snowplowing the whole way, so be it!

Just go slow, how hard can it be?

That was our plan.

And then… we got to the top.

And we chickened out.

You won this time Lookout Below, but we’ll be back soon!

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