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Whiteface Mountain Slides: The Slides are Sliding

While this wet and soggy Adirondack spring has been causing havoc around the area – including in our own backyard – it seems like something potentially positive may have also come of it.

If you are a skier, that is.

Thanks to the heavy rains, the saturated soil on the Whiteface Slides recently gave way. The result was a significant widening of what is known as Slide #3.

This before and after photo, from Whiteface’s Facebook Page, shows the dramatic change.

That clearly produces more skiable terrain on the slides, a development which will have those who venture out on to them pretty happy next winter.

Including us.

Yes, we “skied” the Slides this past season. “Skied” is, of course, a relative term. We spent most of the time on our behinds – sliding, tumbling, and awkwardly picking our way down the mountain. It was equal parts hilarious and terrifying. But we did it!

And it was all thanks to our friends who showed us the ropes and ensured we didn’t seriously maim ourselves or anyone else.

It doesn’t look like much from the top (does it ever?), but it’s steep. And bumpy. And icy. And there are trees. And rocks. And other things that you don’t ever encounter on the nicely groomed slopes of major ski resorts. Or the beaches of southern California.

Like I said, we sloooooowly made our way down the mountain. Our friend was kind enough to try to snap some photos of us. Except nearly every time he snapped a picture I was on my ass – or nearly so.

This is the only picture where I’m on my feet and don’t look like a complete fool. Still, every time I see it I yell, “Hands forward, Hartley!”

Contrast that to our friend, Meg, who is one of the best skiers we’ve ever seen, and well… something to strive for! Look how relaxed she is! A stroll in the park.

Now do me a favor and look at Dave behind her. The best part is he didn’t actually fall there – he recovered nicely. I only know this because I was 20 feet above him, watching intently as I dusted myself off from another wipe out.

No, we didn’t ski the Slides in style. But we went for it. And maybe next season when I’m writing a post about our skiing adventures, I won’t have to say that we “skied” the Slides – but, rather, we SKIED the Slides.

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