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Bb2e Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Who Needs a Technical Sleeping Bag When You Can Have One of These?

In the market for a new sleeping bag?

North Face, REI, Big Agnes… Pffft.

Fuhgeddabout those technical sleeping bags.

With their warmth ratings, and fancy insulation, and “draft tubes”. Those are for gear weenies trying to show off in the mountains.

If you really want something that will get the job done, take a gander at one of these bundles of awesome.

From Hoth to Haystack – The Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

It kept Luke alive in a blizzard on a snow planet, so it should rock the backcountry right?

Ok, all kidding aside. Where the hell was this when I was 12?

I would have delivered papers and mowed lawns till I dropped in order to get my hands on one of these. Seriously, parents, hook your kids up with this thing… now.

Everyone laments the fact that today’s youth do not experience the outdoors enough – well, I guarantee this sleeping bag will have a good portion of them begging to go on that next camping trip. The annoying “lightsaber sounds” from the tent next to yours will be a small price to pay… right?

Of course, I am working off the assumption here that young kids won’t be too traumatized by the thought of sleeping inside of a dead animal.

Only $99 at – I’m telling you parents, this is a home run.

After a Few Sips of Courvoisier – The Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag

For the adults… especially those who like to do more than sleep in their tent.

Or, I suppose, those who really really hate getting out of their bag to go to the bathroom.

The Sexy Hotness is a sleeping bag with a middle zipper, right between the legs.

When closed, it acts as a normal sleeping bag.

But zip it open, and the magic happens!

With your legs free, you can easily walk around in the bag – it even has built in padded slippers. And, of course, this also gives you open access to your most private of areas. Ya know, for those midnight trips to the privy… or, for other night time activities.

$149 by Alite Designs

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